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Today, the Executive Order by the Governor of Indiana, regarding the Stay-at-Home order 20-08, took effect. (The text of that order can be found on the state’s website here:…/files/Executive_Order_20-08_Stay_at_Ho…),

Prior to the Order, the ownership of Zehr Construction evaluated the order as it pertains to our business and industry. Regarding the industry of construction, Item 11 of the Executive Order 20-08 notes that the activity of construction is considered work related to “essential infrastructure” for which ongoing construction and repairs are allowable including “essential business construction” and “housing” among others.

While the definition of ‘essential’ is purposely vague by nature, our belief in how we can best proceed, with an abundance of caution and seriousness, is as follows:
1. Assess ‘need’ for progress of any project either out of our facility or on any given project site on a case-by-case basis and halting any work that isn’t able to meet the criteria established for physical distancing and frequent hand-washing/sanitation. This condition must satisfy all of the conditions presented by the executive order, and the entities of property owners, residents/occupants (if any), jobsite workers, and Zehr Construction ownership.
2. Assess and discuss daily the condition of our workforce and any scheduled jobsite subcontractors for any known or possible exposures and react accordingly based on CDC guidelines.
3. Analyze any facility or jobsite for compliance with all of the criteria. If any one of the entities is not comfortable with proceeding, work will be halted immediately after securing the safety of the site from a construction standpoint.
4. Lastly and most importantly, all workers of Zehr Construction will be free to decide what is in their best interest for the safety of themselves, their families, and greater good, whether they decide to work if conditions permit per the above criteria and available, or stay at home during this order.

Typically in our single facility, we have almost no walk-in business but now will revert to an appointment-only basis in meeting with visitors for the duration of this Order. Our office will remain open until further notice and phone calls will be received/monitored.

Currently we have a low number of active project jobsites, and will be in communication with those property owners regarding the current progress, progress remaining, and how the Executive Order pertains to their project.

At this time, we are not inclined to start any new projects which do not meet the criteria or any which involve the interior of a residence in nature regardless of their criteria due to the potential for upcoming proximity of residents/occupants during the Stay at Home order.

As this situation evolves, we will continue to update.