Always Quality, Adding Value

A note to our current, upcoming, and potential clients about COVID-19 and your construction project:

We, as many are, of course are taking the Novel Coronavirus pandemic quite seriously. In light of the nature of our work, we rarely come into close contact with people on project sites, or through supply houses, however, it is possible to be close enough to force us to consider our actions and of our clients and jobsites to understand that the precautions known to us are necessary and taken. Not only do we not want to pass along any virus, but also we do not want to place our workers in a situation where an exposure could have been easily preventable.

1. Reviewing all of our workforce and staff for current health conditions and also best techniques for reducing the transmission of a virus. Currently we have no workers or staff on any jobsites exhibiting the symptoms associated with COVID-19, any known exposures, nor confirmed to have the virus.
2. Reviewing all of the most recent 4 weeks of previous and current project jobsites for exposure potentials.
3. Reviewing the projects and sites of the upcoming two weeks of projects to be started. We will be asking for a bit of information from clients up-front regarding these locations and the potentials or known exposures if any prior to start. Likewise, we’ll review and inform about the current status of the workers and subcontractors (if any) planned for those sites.
4. Reviewing and updating the above process every two weeks as needed and as advised by the Indiana State Department of Health or Federal CDC guidelines. We also aim to approach this evolving situation with ongoing education and prudence.

PLANNING: Please understand that while we aim to complete a project at the pace that best meets our motto of “Always Quality, Adding Value”, there may times in the near future where prudence requires we make unexpected schedule adjustments. We will do our very best to minimize disruption on your jobsite, but our and your health and safety is of paramount concern during this time of evolving uncertainty.

We thank you for opportunity to serve you and please contact our office with any questions. Thank you!